Eloise Jackson is the only surviving member of her family after a series of hardships claims the lives of all that she loves most. Forced to leave the family farm, Eloise is taken in by the loving Cravits family. Her quick wit, natural charm, and strong work ethic give her a base on which to rebuild her life. She finds herself working as the governess of the wealthy mayor’s two difficult children. Challenged at every angle, Eloise’s resolve is put to the test. Just when she feels like she’s getting her life under control, she encounters a gang of outlaws whose dark plans threaten all of the progress she has made. As the only one who knows their secret, can this young woman find a way to stop them? Will she survive the encounter?


“Wait for me! I want to go with you!” she wailed. “Please, don’t leave me! Oh I can’t bear it, I just can’t bear it!” Eloise sobbed and moaned, covering her face with her hands.

“Westhaven is growing so fast and people need help with medicine and there’s going to be more need too …” As Vanessa talked, she arranged a napkin atop the quilt and helped Eloise get her breakfast.

The men had heard, and they knew she was there. The door flew open at the thrust of a boot, and Eloise was jerked out of the door by the arm.

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