Love Is Patient is the second novel in the Eloise of Westhaven series. It follows Eloise Jackson as she moves from being a young heroine in Not Just a Kid (volume 1) and settles into her position as governess to the mayor’s two children: gentle, passionate Elizabeth and rollicking, rambunctious Buck. The novel also follows the Cravits and Strawbridge families and other characters as they grow together and experience the innovations, heartaches, and adventures of the western frontier.


Eloise had stumbled upon a rough gang of men conspiring to rob the bank, and had been caught at it by those very same men. Her quick wits and storytelling abilities—and most of all her frantic prayers—had gotten her out of it all. She had managed to convince them—she still didn’t believe that she had convinced them—that she wanted to go with them as an adventure. They had believed her! They must have had foolish pride enough to believe anyone would want to join their nasty lives, even an innocent girl. She laughed. Oh my! she prayed. It just had to be You, Lord. She could tell a story well enough, but no one could deceive so many so well without some thoroughly Almighty help.


Eloise was impressed with the mature boy, with his wisdom and understanding, with his tolerance and patience. What a difference between him and the infant seven-year-old Jenna Cravits, and spoiled eight-year-old Elizabeth, and rambunctious little Buck. Yes, they were all growing up, but this child was years ahead in the development of his heart and soul. He had a depth and quietness of spirit that she had only seen before in one other boy, Simon, Pastor Edwards’s ten-year-old son. Jack had obviously been reared in a godly home, and had learned well the faith that was taught there.


Vanessa got her mother’s stethoscope and listened to his heart and lungs. “Well, your heart is still a little weaker than I’d like, and there’s still that little bit of raspy sound, but all in all, you sound so much better. And you’re feeding yourself! So you are much stronger . . .”

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